Toroban Demos

Demo 4 ????-??-??

Coming soon to Steam! This will be released along with the full game as a way to try part 1 of the tutorial for free.

Demo 3 2021-03-05

Multiple characters with unlocked movement, and reverted rule blocks - kept more of the traditional mechanics such as switches/gates, lasers, and mirrors. Other mechanics tweaks with the aim to be more intuitive. 56 fully solvable levels showcasing many of the mechanics that could make it into the final game.

Demo 2 2020-06-24

After some feedback was received from Demo 1, I made many changes, fixes, and design improvements. Players are no longer killed by water and light (maybe some future things like spikes will do this). Players were also redesigned to replace mirrors and wall blocks. Players can swim in water, and are able to push sand, allowing for lots of interesting and intuitive edge cases and mechanics.

Demo 1 2020-04-14

A new take on replacing life points. This version changes the concept of the player into a standard game entity, allowing for any number of players. Players have a color state. Added sand/water as the new terrains. Water and light "kill" players, turning them into ghosts. Ghosts can only interact with other ghosts. The other significant change in this version were the dynamic rule blocks. Whenever a rule block is hit with a beam of light, it changes the rules of all entities with the same color.

Demo 0 2019-11-04

Formerly known as "super secret demo". Features life points, colors, light beams, and bidirectional time travel. Condensed down the levels to just the more difficult and interesting ones. Breakthroughs were made with time travel, and it was working so well compared to the previous version of the game. I was finally able to continue making time travel levels. The four user inputs were introduced: undo/redo, rewind/un-rewind.